About McRorie

Stuart McRorie Tait is a Canadian Metis electronic musician and performer

"I perform an eclectic and original mix of live music. I have developed a unique and innovative live electronic instrumentation that allows me to perform music totally live. I don't use any pre-recorded devices or sequencing. Vivres Electronique!"

Live Musical Performance

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Performing music live is the fundamental principle upon which I have based my musical life on. Now, what's the difference between McRorie the living musician and a machine? If you input the same parameters into a machine it will always reproduce the exact same result. But even the best musician will not be able to reproduce the same song and composition 100% identically without some variations. Some of these happen accidentally and some of them are well intended. These deviations and digressions make the music become alive and real.

Original and Innovative Idea

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For quite some time I have been striving to build a bridge between electronic sound generation and live performance. The goal was not only to create an instrument that would sound good, it should also be playable in real-time with musical expressiveness. After years of development I have succeeded in creating this instrumentation. By using the technique of coordinated independence, I have over the years put together an original and innovative electronic instrumentation of keyboards and sensors to sing and play all the parts of a musical composition in real time.

To Live Music Electronically

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One of my areas of interest is the intersection between music and technology, and particularly in the way I as a musician interacts with my instrumentation. Musicians are creative and subversive people, we do things with instruments and equipment that you don't expect! And to that end I have been interested in creating an augmented instrumentation and soundscape that I can develop and explore - Vivres Electronique (To live music electronically). The idea is not to replace the role of myself as the musician, but rather to extend the capabilities of electronic instruments and sensors to enhance the creative opportunities for me as a Metis musician.

Three decades of relentless experimentation

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Constant development, dedication, practise and persistence finally led to the instrumentation and performance I am presenting now. I am extremely happy with the way it sounds, looks and performs. This instrumentation is a joy and a pleasure to play. I can create a wide range of sonic environments that are truly states of bliss to entertain, perform, and create live music.

McRorie-Vivres Electronique